Developing Cross-Cultural Awareness: Learning Through the Experiences of Others

  • Garold L. Murray
  • Deborah J. Bollinger


This article offers communicative activities designed to enhance the cross-cultural awareness of Japanese university students whose language levels range from beginner to intermediate. Facilitating the development of cross-cultural awareness of foreign language students who have never lived in another culture or even visited one can be problematic. Although many educators have responded to the challenge with a knowledge-based approach, a recent study suggests a syllabus that emphasizes constructivist, process-oriented tasks would be more effective. In their efforts to implement the latter approach, the authors have devised activities that range from student-generated interviews of a guest speaker and e-mail exchanges with target language speakers to amini-video ethnography project that focuses on the cross-cultural experiences of others. The article outlines these activities and concludes with a brief evaluation of their effectiveness based on the learners' reactions.
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Murray, G., & Bollinger, D. (2001). Developing Cross-Cultural Awareness: Learning Through the Experiences of Others. TESL Canada Journal, 19(1), 62-72.
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