Editorial Team

Editors/Rédacteur en chef
Dr. Farahnaz Faez (Western University)
Dr. Antonella Valeo (York University)
Michael Karas, Editorial Assistant (Western University)
Dorine Chalifoux, Translator

Editorial Advisory Board
Marilyn Abbott (University of Alberta)
Tracey Derwing (University of Alberta)
Sara Kennedy (Concordia University)
Hedy McGarrell (Brock University)
Christine Doe (Mount St. Vincent University)
Eva Kartchava (Carleton)
Jennifer Foote (University of Alberta)

Review Board
Marilyn Abbott (University of Alberta)
Liying Cheng (Queen's University)
Tracey Derwing (University of Alberta)
Pauline Foster (St. Mary's University)
Ling He (University of British Columbia) 
Sandra Kouritzin (University of Manitoba) 
Icy Lee (Chinese University of Hong Kong) 
Michael Lessard-Clouston (Biola University) 
Kim McDonough (Concordia University) 
Hedy McGarrell (Brock University) 
Brian Morgan (York University) 
Murray Munro (Simon Fraser University)
Kim Noels (University of Alberta)
Bonny Norton (University of British Columbia)
Leila Ranta (University of Alberta)
Hetty Roessingh (University of Calgary)
Ron Thomson (Brock University)
Stuart Webb (Western University)
Lynda Yates (Macquarie University)

Advertising Correspondence/Annonces publicitaires
E-mail: teslcanadajournal@tesl.ca

Editorial Correspondence/Correspondance aux éditeurs
Dr. Farahnaz Faez & Dr. Antonella Valeo, Editors
TESL Canada Journal/Revue TESL du Canada
Email: teslcanadajournal@tesl.ca 

TESL Canada Federation

Information regarding the TESL Canada Federation can be found on the association website: https://tesl.ca

Executive Officers
President - Paula Kristmanson 
Past-President - Judy Sillito (AB)
Treasurer - Tony Caldwell (NS)
Secretary - Caroline Payant (QC)

Elected Committee Chairs

Professional Development - Yalda Amadvand (BC)
Standards Chair - Dmitri Priven (ON)
Settlement Language National Network - Elsie Johnson (AB)
TESL Canada Journal - Currently Vacant
Research and Outreach - Celia Logan (AB)

Member at Large: Scott Poole (MB)

This publication is funded in part by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) aid to scholarly journals.  

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TESL Canada Organizations/Organisations du TESL Canada

6-102 Education Centre North
University of Alberta
Edmonton , AB T6G 2G5

Email: ask@atesl.ca


P.O. Box 68013
Winnipeg, MB R3L 2V9
Email: team.eal.manitoba@gmail.com

New Brunswick/Nouveau Brunswick

Email: teslnewbrunswick@gmail.com

British Columbia/Colombie-Britannique
206- 640 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1G4

Email: admin@bcteal.org


PO Box 37067
Regina, SK S4S 7K3

TESL Ontario 
27 Carlton Street, Ste 405
Toronto, ON M5B 1L2

Nova Scotia/Nouvelle Écosse

TESL Nova Scotia

7001 Mumford Rd.
PO Box 29104
Halifax, N.S
B3L 4T8

Email: info@teslns.com


Email: teslnl@hotmail.com

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Online ISSN: 1925-8917 

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