Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics Statement

The TESL Canada Journal’s (hereafter the Journal) publication ethics statement is based on COPE’s Core Practices.

Publication and Authorship: All published manuscripts will avoid plagiarism in any form and will include a complete, accurately formatted References list. Plagiarism detection software will be used on all submitted manuscripts. Data reported in empirical studies must not be fraudulent. Manuscripts under consideration by the Journal must not be under consideration or have been published by any other journal. Any financial support received by the author(s) must be disclosed prior to publication. All published manuscripts reflect their respective authors’ views and opinions.

Authors: Authors are those who contribute substantively to a manuscript and take responsibility for the published work. All authors will be properly acknowledged in submitted manuscripts; author contributions, author order, and other considerations should be finalized prior to submission. For more detailed information on handling authorship disputes, please refer to COPE’s guidelines. Submitting work for consideration by the Journal is an attestation of the veracity of the reported data and of compliance with relevant institutional ethics procedures. Should evidence of noncompliance with the Journal’s policies and with accepted research reporting procedures be detected, the author(s) must provide a statement of correction or retraction to the Journal. Please visit the Journal’s author guidelines for additional information.

Editors: Final authority to accept or reject a manuscript lies with the editor(s) of the Journal. The editor(s) will only accept manuscripts that fit the Journal’s scope, aim, and ethical guidelines. In the event of a conflict of interest, the editor(s) will relinquish their decision-making power to a suitable member of the Journal’s editorial board. The editor(s) will actively promote the publication of statements of correction or retraction should these be required; the editor(s) and editorial team will also preserve the anonymity of reviewers and authors as required by the double-blind peer review process. Information about the Journal’s editorial team can be found here.

Peer Reviewers: All submitted manuscripts will be subject to double-blind peer review and will be treated as confidential until publication. The editor(s) will select appropriate peer reviewers for each submission. Peer reviewers will provide balanced and informed judgments on manuscripts, that is, positive and constructive feedback about the content of the article as well as information about relevant but uncited published work. Feedback forms and guidelines will be made available to reviewers through the Journal’s website. Peer reviewers will notify the editor(s) if there is a conflict of interest (perceived or actual) with the authors, the research, and/or funders or if they are unable to meet the established deadlines for reviews.

Misconduct, Complaints and Appeals, Corrections and Retractions: Guidelines for authors, editors, and peer reviewers have been outlined in the pertinent sections of this statement. Authors, editors, editorial team members, and peer reviewers are expected to uphold accepted standards for academic research and publishing. All complaints, appeals, corrections, and retractions should be directed to the Journal’s Editorial Correspondence address. In cases of alleged misconduct not involving the editor(s), the editor(s) will be responsible for investigating the incident and taking steps to ensure that a retraction, correction, clarification, and/or apology is published. If necessary, manuscripts will be removed from the Journal’s website, and the institution of the author(s) will be notified. Should the editor(s) be implicated in alleged misconduct, an appropriate member of the Journal’s editorial board will take over the processes of investigation and rectification. Confidentiality will be maintained to the fullest possible extent in any investigation of misconduct.

Advertising: The TESL Canada Journal does not currently accept advertising.