Pronunciation Teaching Practices in Canada

  • Judy Breitkreutz
  • Tracey M. Derwing
  • Marian J. Rossiter


We surveyed 67 ESL programs in Canada to determine to what extent pronunciation is taught and which resources are most often used. The survey also requested demographic information about the respondents and their ESL programs, classes and students, methods of teaching, and participants' attitudes. The respondents from approximately half the programs offer stand-alone pronunciation courses, and the balance reported that they integrate pronunciation teaching in their general ESL classes. The majority of respondents said that it was important to teach pronunciation at all levels, although few teachers have special training in this area. Resources preferred by the participants are discussed with regard to their emphases on segmental and suprasegmental aspects of pronunciation.
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Breitkreutz, J., Derwing, T., & Rossiter, M. (2001). Pronunciation Teaching Practices in Canada. TESL Canada Journal, 19(1), 51-61.