The Development of Canadian Language Benchmarks Assessment


  • Bonny N. Peirce
  • Gail Stewart



In this article the authors describe the development of a new language assessment instrument that will be used across Canada to place adult newcomers in instructional programs appropriate for their level of proficiency in English. The development of the instrument represents one step in a lengthy process of federal and grassroots initiatives to establish a common framework for the description and evaluation of the language proficiency of adult newcomers who speak English as a second language. The authors, who were the test developers on the project, provide an introduction to the development of the instrument, referred to as the Canadian Language Benchmarks Assessment (CLBA). They describe the history of the project and challenges they faced in the test development process. In addition, they give an account of how the instruments were field tested, piloted, and scored. They conclude with a brief discussion of work in progress on the ongoing validation of the instrument.




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Peirce, B. N., & Stewart, G. . . . . . . . . . . (1997). The Development of Canadian Language Benchmarks Assessment. TESL Canada Journal, 14(2), 17–31.