The Use of Drama in English Language Teaching


  • Paul Davies



This essay aims to examine the use of drama and dramatic activities in English Language Teaching CELT). Its opening part looks at some of the theories behind the use of drama with learners of English, and tries to answer questions such as what is drama, who needs it, and when should it be used. The essay then takes a look at some practical procedural strategies such as lesson preparation, students' language needs, how to present and integrate drama into the lesson, and overall classroom organization. The next section tackles the question of how dramatic activities can be employed in the language classroom. The possibilities considered include mime, simulation, role-play, scripted plays, improvisation, and coursebook dialogue. Some concluding remarks finish off the main body of the essay.




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Davies, P. . . . . . . . . . . (1990). The Use of Drama in English Language Teaching. TESL Canada Journal, 8(1), 87–99.



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