An ESL Motivations Assessment for a Community-Based ESL Program


  • Li Chuang Paper



This paper concerns an ESL motivations assessment of adult Chinese learners at Chinese Information and Community Services (CICS). 512 ESL learners participated in the survey. The findings of the survey are as follows: (I) The motives of adult Chinese immigrants attending ESL classes include linguistic needs, basic skills, cultural awareness, social interaction, and writing resumes. (2) There are no significant differences in perceived motivations according to age, education level, and length of stay in Canada; however, there are slight differences among a few indicators. (3) The implications to ESL teaching are that a) teaching objectives at the CICS of Metropolitan Toronto should include both the teaching of English and Canadian culture; b) the teaching of English should focus on language needed for conducting everyday life and social interaction; c) all four language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) should be taught at the same time with more emphasis on the first three skills; d) pronunciation and vocabulary teaching is also necessary.




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Paper, L. C. (1990). An ESL Motivations Assessment for a Community-Based ESL Program. TESL Canada Journal, 7(2), 31–44.