Toward a Framework for Self-Regulated Language-Learning

  • Yoshiyuki Nakata


English is a compulsory subject in many secondary EFL classrooms; thus the questions that arise for teachers are how to motivate learners in general and how to help them come to appreciate the value of English learning activities in particular. This article is based on the premise that learners benefit not only from becoming intrinsically motivated in what they do, but also when they feel responsible for, and autonomous in, their own learning. These processes involve the notion of self-regulated learning. The purpose of this article is to explore how intrinsic motivation and self-regulated learning relate to each other at a theoretical level and to suggest a three-stage framework for the encouragement of self-regulated learning. The author suggests that the Needs Analysis can be an apt means of inquiring into learners’ previous language learning experiences and their preparedness for self-regulated language learning.
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Nakata, Y. (2010). Toward a Framework for Self-Regulated Language-Learning. TESL Canada Journal, 27(2), 1.